Pizza getting vacuum sealed.


ABX is committed to manufacturing high
quality packaging materials for many of
today's markets. Cast extruded materials
offer superior performance and clarity, and
help protect your products. Various
specifications ranging from high barrier to
breathable are available to meet your
products' specific needs.


High barrier films for extended
shelf-life and product protection.

Bakery, Pasta and Pizza

Thin, high-performance films that
provide cost savings and smaller
carbon footprints.


Specific barrier and transmission
properties for added food safety
and shelf-life.

Fresh Meats

High barrier and breathable films
specially designed for packaging
various proteins.

Bulk Liquid

Strong and robust films engineered
for the most challenging liquid

Fish & Seafood

A range of barrier and breathable
films specific to your applications to
provide product safety and freshness.

Ready Meals

High-clarity films for great product
visibility designed to provide
maximum shelf-life.

Food Service

Packaging that provides product
protection and ensures freshness of
your product.

Processed Meats

Large selection of high-performance
films to provide great product

Pet Food

Whether it’s dehydrated snacks, or fresh
and frozen raw meals, we manufacture
films specific to your needs.

Health Care

Forming and non-forming for medical devices and surgical suite products.


Wide web capabilities with an
expansive range of material options.

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