Pouch Rollstock Film

Cast coextruded, in
high or standard barrier

ABX cast coextruded rollstock materials are ideal for manufacturing a wide range of pouches. Offered in both high & standard barrier, they're ideal for vacuum pouches and bags.

High Barrier Materials

Provides excellent O2 & MVTR barrier
properties where extended shelf life
is critical.

Standard Barrier Materials

Provides O2 & MVTR barrier properties.

Designed for maximum shelf life.

Our casting films are designed to perform in
both fresh and frozen applications. With
extreme clarity and excellent lay flat properties,
they are the perfect fit for your product.

  1. Seals well to prevent contamination
  2. Extremely strong and durable
  3. Available in various OTR & MVTR
    transmission rates
  4. Good clarity
clear film
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Vacuum sealed meat.
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