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Packaging Films for Cheese Applications

Cheese block showing off film packaging.

ABX offers multi-layer cast films for the packaging of processed and natural cheeses.

At ABX, we understand that there are packaging particulars and stringent FDA regulations, but we have you covered. We strive to deliver dependable and cost-effective high-barrier packaging films for cheese, to extend shelf-life and protect your product. We offer a variety of film structures with thicknesses from 2-13 mil, that can be optimally tailored for your cheese application.

High Barrier Films for Cheese:

High barrier films for cheese products provide excellent oxygen and moisture transmission rates (OTR & MVTR), and are typically used in fresh applications where a barrier is critical to extending shelf life. Our packaging materials are engineered to protect your cheese products, extend the shelf life, and improve visual appeal. 

Standard Barrier Films for Cheese:

Standard barrier films for cheese provide standard OTR and MVTR barrier properties, and are typically used in frozen applications or when high barrier materials are not required. They can also be used in cook-in applications.

Typical Uses: 

  • Vertical Form Fill & Seal for shredded, cubed and liquid cheese
  • Horizontal Form Fill & Seal for brick and stick cheese

Cheese Products for Packaging:

  • Cheese Squares
  • Wheeled Cheese 
  • Cheese Slabs
  • Individual Cheese Pieces 
  • Hot Fill Processed Cheese
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Novelty Cheese
  • Natural Cheese
  • Cheese Sticks 

ABX is committed to manufacturing high-quality packaging materials for many of today’s markets. We are a U.S. based, privately-held manufacturer of multilayer cast films. Our products are produced on state-of-the-art equipment utilizing new and innovative technologies. 

Technical Support

Our sales team and field service technicians are well versed in film structures and the machines they run on. We are happy to assist our customers with field trials and scale ups for the films we provide. We strive to provide superior customer service and quick turnaround times, and are here to help with any equipment challenges.

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